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RedGate SQL Toolbelt 2010

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RedGate SQL Toolbelt 2010 Empty RedGate SQL Toolbelt 2010

Post  sana on 30th May 2010, 9:16 pm

RedGate SQL Toolbelt 2010
RedGate SQL Toolbelt 2010 2l6gxl10
RedGate SQL Toolbelt 2010 | 120 MB

Integrates with SSMS, SSMS Express, Query Analyzer and Visual Studio 2005 and is one of the best package that helps DBA and DBP to monitor and make changes to databases running Microsoft SQL Server.

A) ANTS Memory Profiler
2) ANTS Performance Profiler
3) Exception Hunter
4) PInvoke Visual Studio Add-in
5) SQL Backup
6) SQL Backup Server Components
7) SQL Compare
SQL Comparison SDK
9) SQL Data Compare
10) SQL Data Generator
11) SQL Dependency Tracker
12) SQL Doc
13) SQL Multi Script
14) SQL Packager
15) SQL Prompt
16) SQL Refactor
17) SQL Response
18) SQL Response Alert Repository
19) SQL Object Level Recovery Native
1920). NET Reflector
21) SQL Search

What did not I:
1) did not understand with SQL Response - the bottom of the screen says "14 days" and the cat did not go. Where to enter the code do not know. I would be glad if someone tells
2) SQL Backup also writes limitations, although registered with a bang through Keygen (via the server was registered only 14 days)

! When the download package here was an older version. NET Reflector - when it starts it complains about being exhausted and closed before you enter the code. He took the latest version - everything worked. Therefore, someone who will download later than 07/06/2010 I think will also have to take vsezhuyu version from the manufacturer's website

System requirements:
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7
SQL Server client tools
SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Management Studio Express, Query Analyzer or Visual Studio 2005
Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0
MDAC 2.8 +
256 MB RAM (recommended> 512 MB)
100 MB disk space

Year: 2010
Developer: Red Gate Software
OS: Microsoft Windows
Compatibility with Vista: Full
Language: Only English
Medician: Yes

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