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ZoneAlarm Antivirus And Firewall 2009 Final

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ZoneAlarm Antivirus And Firewall 2009 Final

Post  khokon on 27th June 2010, 8:50 pm

ZoneAlarm Antivirus And Firewall 2009 Final
ZoneAlarm Antivirus 2009 has enhanced
detection and removal capabilities to stop even the latest and most aggressive viruses before they
infect your PC. Includes antivirus,
operating system firewall, network and program firewall, auto-learn, and
much more.

* Stops and removes viruses

* Delivers proactive firewall protection
* Easy to set up and use
* Includes upgrades for 1 year from date of installation
* Fully Compatible with Windows Vista and XP

Features of ZoneAlarm
Antivirus 2009

Features of the
Antivirus Protection:
* Award-winning Antivirus - prevents,
blocks and removes threats.
* Award-winning Antivirus Scan - finds
viruses on your hard drive, emails, compressed files and other places.
* Fastest Updating Signature List - detects and stops even the most
recent viruses that other products miss.
* Inbound MailSafe - quarantines suspicious attachments that could be
* Outbound MailSafe - stops messages with potential viruses before you
accidentally transmit them to other computers.

Features of the Firewall Security:

* #1 Firewall - stops inbound and outbound threats, makes you invisible
to hackers.
* Best Root and Boot Protection (with OSFirewall) - protects your PC
from rootkits and threats that target the operating system, even during
* Wireless PC Protection - identifies new and unsecured networks and
sets appropriate security.

Benefits of ZoneAlarm
Antivirus 2009:
* ZoneAlarm Antivirus ensures your peace
of mind by disabling the latest and most
sophisticated viruses before they infect your PC.
* Need a fresh start? ZoneAlarm Antivirus
completely cleanses your hard drive, emails and files by finding and
removing existing viruses.
* Delivers a complete firewall protection, proactively detects, monitors
and disarms the internet-s most dangerous threats before they damage
your PC - feel at ease when you go online.
* ZoneAlarm Antivirus is simple to
install and a snap to use!
* Get instant protection - from the moment you install - with pre-loaded
security settings.
* ZoneAlarm Antivirus provides thorough
and complete protection for your PC's operating system, right down to
the core, with the Operating System Firewall (OSFirewall).
* Stay invisible to hackers and protect yourself from inbound, outbound
and program attacks with the Network and Program Firewall.
* Rest easy in the knowledge that you are always protected from new
threats with program

Requirements of ZoneAlarm
Antivirus 2009

Microsoft Vista SP1:

* 2 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor
* Minimum system RAM: 2 GB (32-bit) and 4 GB (64-bit)
* 250 MB of available hard disk space
* Internet access

Microsoft Windows XP SP2, SP3, Home or Professional Edition:

* 1 GHz 32-bit processor or higher
* Recommended system RAM: 768 MB
* 250 MB of available hard disk space
* Internet access

ZoneAlarm security software works with most types of TCP/IP connections
including Ethernet LAN, wireless LAN, DSL, cable modem, and dial-up

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ZoneAlarm Antivirus And Firewall 2009 Final | 65.47 MB


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