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Z3X BOX LG Update. Sgold3 tool Update

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Z3X BOX LG Update. Sgold3 tool Update

Post  khokon on 14th August 2010, 7:34 pm

LG Sgold3 Tool Update


- GS390 Support (User/SP Code
Unlocking/Flashing /Repair)

- GS390GO
(User/SP Code Unlocking/Flashing /Repair)

- Added EEPROM
Repair for KS390 TE360 TE365
- Improved secuity blocks detection on PMB8888 cores
- Uploaded flash files for TE365/GS390

PMB8877 Module 1.2 started. SW: Ver
Connecting to GS390 in UART Mode (COM58 ,921600)
Please reconnect battery, press and hold power button...
Phone found! (MCU:PMB8877) prebooting...
Release power button. Booting...
Reading info...
BOOT Stage Finished , sending authority...
Sending SEC pack...
Reading EEPROM...
Backup Saved AS:F:\Z3X\Application_Projects\LG_SGOLD3\BACKUP\GS
Analising EEPROM...
Phone IMEI:012196000033333
Unlock codes:
NCK[0]: 9140906802810591 (LOCKED)
Finished in 2 seconds

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